The Words of Jesus

What you experience changes you. It shapes your character and perspective, your decisions and your destiny. People who encounter Jesus are never the same. They are forced to answer is he a prophet? Is he a great teacher? Is he the Son of God? Are his words true? Are they relevant? Does he care about me?

The Words of Jesus highlights the message and mission of Jesus by compiling the majority of his direct quotes as given in the Bible in the books of Matthew, Mark, Luke, John, Acts, and Revelation.

Listen to Jesus. Walk with him as he explains who he is, why he lived on earth, died and rose again and what his kingdom is like. Consider his call to come and follow; to give up your way of life for his abundant life. Be challenged to trust Jesus as your savior and serve him as your Lord. Live in him to help others discover a relationship with God. Know that his words never pass away and his promises always come true. Expect him to return soon for those who believe to reign with him forever.