The Way of Jesus

The way you live determines the quality of your life and your destiny. The Bible describes two roads in life—journeying with God or without God. Living for yourself apart from God lacks fulfillment, limps along in dysfunction, suffers from strife, and ends in death. Trying to reach God or become like him won’t work either. Jesus is the only way to God. He brings beauty from brokenness.

Trusting Jesus to save you from your deadly waywardness brings you into a right and loving relationship with God. Even though we still experience trials, journeying with Jesus brings wholeness, hope, joy, peace, freedom, and real life now and forever. As you look to Jesus—the Way, you see key principles for how to live your life with his strength and guidance. Follow the way of Jesus through the power of the Holy Spirit and you will become like him, you will reach others with God’s salvation, you will learn to reign with him, and you will bring glory to God. Find your life in Jesus today.