The Salvation of Jesus

A Biblical Outline of God’s Love for You
Throughout time God displays his glory through the love he demonstrates in creating, saving, and restoring the universe, especially people. Because of this everyone has the opportunity to accept God’s invitation for an abundant life by joining his family, becoming like him, and joyfully serving him now and forever. Unfortunately our nature is to reject God choosing to live life on our terms. This is a deadly mistake for apart from God there is no life. Left to ourselves we have no hope. But Jesus, God’s beloved son, is the hope of the world.

God explains all of this in his Word, the Bible. The Bible tells the awesome story of Jesus. He is eternal God who became a man so everyone on earth can personally know God. Jesus is the way, the truth, and the life for our lost, deceived, and dead world. Below is a brief overview of history highlighting key events in God’s love for you and his salvation plan for all who believe. Many details about Jesus’ first coming to earth as Savior were predicted centuries before they occurred. There are several other details about his return to earth as the conquering King which will come true soon. It’s imperative to know the Bible because everything it predicts eventually happens.

God created you and loves you. He invites you to be with him, to be like him and to do what he does. How will you respond? Your decision determines the quality, direction and destiny of your life. Will you trust Jesus to help you live a worthwhile life—one of love for God and others? On judgment day, will you stand before God as a part of his family through trusting Jesus or be eternally separated from him in torment because you rejected Jesus?


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