The Preeminence of Jesus

Who is Jesus? What difference does he make to you? Jesus Christ is the crown of righteousness and beauty which all the universe points to and flows from. He is more than an historical figure; he completely changed history as the unique, anointed one of God sent to save the world.

This book briefly explores the character and claims of Jesus as recorded in the Bible. Jesus created you. He knows you better than anyone. He loves you more than you can imagine. He is God who became a man who died and rose again to save you from the decisions of your life that have separated you from him. Apart from him you are doomed to die.

With your life at stake, it is paramount to thoughtfully consider who Jesus is and what your relationship with him should be. Billions of people of all ages across the world have discovered the majesty and glory of Jesus and trusted him as their savior. Will Jesus not only be the preeminent center of the universe, but also the preeminent love of your life?