Discovering Together What It Means To Follow Jesus

Why Footsteps?
Since the creation of humankind God has called people to be with him, to be like him, and to do what he does. The Footsteps School of Discipleship is a practical, one-year interactive Bible study designed to walk people through this process from getting to know God through being used by him to reach others.

Who Is It For?
Footsteps is designed for new and young Christians who believe in Jesus to save them from their sin and want to be trained through the Holy Spirit to carry out God’s will. If you are not a Christian but are seeking the truth, the introduction and first course will introduce you to God and how to have a relationship with him. If you have been following Christ for a while Footsteps will teach you principles for making disciples of others.

How Does It Work?
Students use an inductive approach to study a book of the Bible individually and then share what they discover in a small group. Each course takes roughly 8-12 weeks and highlights foundations of faith to learn, character to change, spiritual disciplines to develop, and practical actions to take.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why Is Following Jesus Important?
To know Jesus is what life is all about? The Bible explains this truth by showing God’s salvation plan for us. Here is an expandable outline of key events in God’s relationship with people throughout history. We hope it draws you closer to Jesus and receiving life in him.

Do I Need to Be a Christian to Study Footsteps?
No, Footsteps is open to everyone. However, it is primarily designed for new and young Christians who believe Jesus to save them from their sin and want to be trained by the Holy Spirit to carry out God’s will. If you are seeking the truth and exploring Christianity, God will meet you at your point of need. We suggest you go through at least the introduction and the first course. Then you can decide if you want to continue. Mature Christians can also benefit from Footsteps by learning how to disciple others.

Do I Need to Be a Pastor or Bible Teacher to Lead a Group?
No, The Footsteps format emphasizes discovering truth from the Holy Spirit as you study individually and discuss in a group. The group facilitator merely moderates; he or she does not need to teach or lecture.

How Is Footsteps Typically Run?
Footsteps works well in a number of settings. You can use it one-on-one to mentor someone. You can use it in a small group up to about twelve people. It also works well in a larger group that breaks in to smaller groups. For instance, it can be implemented as a small group curriculum across an entire organization like a youth group or church. Footsteps serves as an excellent follow-up to the Don’t Waste Your Life or 40 Days of Purpose spiritual awakening campaigns.

When Does Footsteps Start?
Since Footsteps is a self-run course, you can begin whenever you and your group members are ready. The Study Guide contains all the information you need to get started one-on-one with someone or in a small group. Download the guide from the previous page. If you have any questions we are here to help.

How Long Does Footsteps Take?
Although it is up to your small group, each Footsteps course is designed to run about 8-12 weeks with individual Bible study and a group discussion each week. It will take about a year to complete the introduction and all four courses. If desired your group can take an additional year to go through the recommended Excursion readings for each course. Two years is typical for life-changing discipleship training, because it takes about that long for God to break you down so he can build you up. Your outer man with its will, emotions, and desires must be broken and brought under control and in alignment with your inner spirit in Christ. A humble, obedient, servant heart is vital to discipleship. Without brokenness you cannot follow Christ or become one with him and his Father.

What Kind of Commitment is Required?
To follow Jesus you must commit everything to him. It is not an easy journey, but it is the best. Jesus has given his life to make it possible. Like a good shepherd he loves you and leads you. Taking the Footsteps School of Discipleship will walk you through this commitment step-by-step with others to help you along the way. The courses typically require individual Bible study every week (1 to 3 hours) and one small group discussion every week (1 to 1.5 hours). You will also practice healthy spiritual habits like prayer, peer accountability, worship, witnessing, and ministry service.