The Call of Jesus

You were designed by God for greatness. You were destined for glory. But like all people you have gone astray to live life your way instead of God’s way. This will destroy you like one who has left a fertile garden only to grow lost in a desert wasteland. Fortunately, through his Son, Jesus, God is calling you home—to be with him, to be like him, and to do what he does. Only in answering the call of Jesus can you find true life, joy, and peace.

Jesus is God the Son who became a man to live the life you should have lived and die the death that your rebellion toward God deserves. He did this out of love for his Father and love for you. Listen and learn from him. Connected to him you will thrive and bear fruit like a branch in the vine. Apart from him, who is the source of life, you will wither and die. On judgment day when all creation will be accountable to their Creator, the branches remaining in the vine of Jesus will be saved. However all others will be cast aside, being given over to the results of their rejection of Jesus. They will burn in the eternal torment of hell separated from God.

All who accept Jesus can enter now into the wonderful kingdom of God that he has brought. It is within your grasp by trusting Jesus as your savior and obeying him as your lord. Turn from your old ways. Don’t continue to stagger after the mirage of this life by drinking of its venomous vanity when Jesus offers living water. Whether you are an unbeliever who is seeking the truth or a Christian who has come to know Jesus, he is calling you into an ever growing, joyous relationship with him. Answer the call. Let him lead you like a good shepherd beside quiet waters and into pastures of abundant life refreshing your soul now and forever.