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Adjust Your Grip
Don't let the weights of this world, your earthly desires, or the devil control you. Instead adjust your grip on life through faith by allowing God to help you handle them.
149 | 05/02/21
Love is from God and it's a commitment to make the life of another better, even when it costs you dearly.
148 | 04/25/21
Look Up II
Instead of looking down, looking out, or looking in, look up to God in order to respond effectively to the positives and negatives of life.
147 | 04/20/21
Fan into Flame
Glow with God's glory. Radiate his love and righteousness so others can know him and his benevolence. 
146 | 04/11/21
Praise the Lord! Jesus has died and rose again so you can be saved and joyfully live with God and for God.
145 | 04/02/21
Face the Future Stronger
Without God you are weak against evil, but with him you can withstand whatever comes.
144 | 03/28/21
Praise from a Heavy Heart
When life tries to defeat you, turn to God in praise and experience his love, strength, and victory.
143 | 03/21/21
Don't get stuck or sidetracked in life. Keep moving forward with Jesus and then help others find and follow him.
142 | 03/14/21
Ask Where
Are you where you should be? The answer lies in whether you have a saving relationship with Jesus and if you are following where he goes.
141 | 03/06/21
Walk Not Alone
Jesus is inviting you to abundant, everlasting life with him now and forever. Take his hand.
140 | 02/23/21
Choose to Love
Enjoy the best of life through faith by loving God and others with the love of Jesus.
139 | 02/14/21
Die to Live
God calls you to a much better life than what the world offers. It is costly and seems impossible to obtain, yet God makes it possible for all who trust him.
138 | 02/05/21
Walk in the Light
Apart from God everyone suffers in the deadly darkness of sin. Fortunately, Jesus calls you and enables you to walk in his life-giving light.
137 | 01/29/21
Learn from the Best
Jesus is the best in every way that is truly important. By God's grace through faith, follow Jesus and become like him.
136 | 01/17/21
Dwell in the Right Shadow
Receive satisfaction for your soul by coming under the protective, restorative cover of Almighty God.
135 | 01/10/21
Take Responsible Risks
Approach risks wisely and courageously especially those which impact your quality of life, your relationships, and your destiny.
134 | 12/31/20
Be in Christ
If you trust and obey Jesus Christ you are blessed beyond measure. Therefore bless others through him.
133 | 12/20/20
Fight Fatigue
Employ these offensive and defensive tactics each day to remain physically, mentally, and spiritually fit for life's battles.
132 | 12/12/20
Model Integrity
Be honest, open, honorable, and just. Be someone people can trust and count on to be there for them.
131 | 12/05/20
Live Gratefully
God has given you all you need in Jesus. Live for him in loving thankfulness for his benevolent provision and grace.
130 | 11/27/20
By praying and loving you can intercede in people's lives so God can deliver them from the bondage of sin and suffering.
129 | 11/21/20
Declare Victory
Love and live for almighty God who continues to rule amidst the wrongdoing of people and Satan. Then share the blessed reality of that victory with others so they too can triumph and thrive in Jesus.
128 | 11/15/20
Promote Peace
Work to help everyone enjoy life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness, recognizing that for these ideals to be fully experienced they must flow from people having a saving relationship with God.
127 | 11/10/20
Exercise Creativity
Strengthen your creativity and you will improve your life, your work, and the way you deal with uncertainty.
126 | 11/01/20
Work Excellently
Actively rest in God's love and provision and allow him to work through you to benefit others.
125 | 10/24/20
Understand the Times
Be discerning with current events so you can carry out what God has for you to do.
124 | 10/17/20
Submit and Thrive
Depend on God, trusting he has the wisest plan, the almighty power, and the deepest love to do what is best for you.
123 | 10/10/20
Cling Under Pressure
Humbly depend on God and he will strengthen you and will also help others.
122 | 10/03/20
Keep Going
Don't be overwhelmed or disillusioned with circumstances. Follow God and do good in his name and in his strength.
121 | 09/19/20
You can can experience the wonderful touch of Jesus and then let him touch others through you.
120 | 09/12/20
Listen and Be Heard
Listening is hearing with the intent to understand and act. If you truly listen you will know better what to say and your words will more likely be received.
119 | 09/07/20
Join the Family
You can be adopted into God's royal, loving family by trusting and obeying Jesus.
118 | 08/29/20
Humbly Return Home
With the days you've been given, turn to your heavenly Father and he will strengthen and establish you.
117 | 08/22/20
Cultivate Wonder
Approach life with a sense of awe and seek to increase your discovery of God's goodness.
116 | 08/02/20
Cut Loose
Allow God, the master gardener, to cut away your dead wood so you are more healthy and free to bear fruit.
115 | 07/23/20
Go for the Greatest
God is your greatest good. Go with God and you will experience your best life. In addition, you will be of the greatest good to others.
114 | 07/10/20
Share Your Smile
Smiling, laughing, encouraging, and rejoicing improves your life and benefits others.
113 | 06/29/20
Gain Freedom at the Cross
Joyfully surrender your way of life to please God and you will be more free than you have ever been.
112 | 06/17/20
Develop Dual Vision
To operate effectively in life you need both vision and execution. God supplies the best of both.
111 | 06/08/20
Rise to the Challenge
Use your resilience, skills, and love to improve your life and the lives of those around you.
110 | 05/31/20
Drink from the Source
Find satisfaction for your soul in Jesus as your savior, source, shepherd, and life.
109 | 05/31/20
Receive Life
As you daily accept and receive Jesus, you understand his character and mission more fully and you become more like him, experiencing his life at work in you and through you.
108 | 05/16/20
Cheer Others On
Find ways to acknowledge the good in others and build them up. Hopefully the encouragement will lead them closer to God.
107 | 05/02/20
Actively Rest
Stop, pray, trust, and obey Jesus and he will renew you and work through you to save others.
106 | 04/19/20
Ask, Where Am I?
Reflect on where you are, who you are, and why you act in relation to Jesus. Only Jesus has resurrected. Only with Jesus is there hope for your life and for our hurting world.
105 | 04/11/20
Celebrate Even in Crises
Jesus delivers all who trust and obey him through anything. Recognizing and being thankful for the good that God brings out of difficulty is essential to your growth.
104 | 04/05/20
Wash Away Isolation
Don't let difficulty cripple or isolate you. Listen to God then by his grace and power live up to and make the most of the truth you do know and will know.
103 | 03/29/20
Grow Your Mind
Realize that your abilities, intelligence, and relationship with God can grow with time and experience.
102 | 03/03/20
Know That God Answers Prayer
God always answers the prayers of those who trust and obey him. It just might be in a different way or time than you expect.
101 | 02/22/20
Love Unusually
With God's help commit to work and sacrifice so others can become all God designed them to be.
100 | 02/14/20
Don’t Lose Sight
Seek answers to core questions in God and he will be your vision, your way, and your hope to keep you on track and moving forward.
099 | 02/01/20
Make Peace
By Jesus example and with his help seek peace with everyone.
098 | 01/19/20
Depend When Descending
Blessings grow in the valley, as well as, on the mountaintop. No matter what comes, depend on God and you will reap the benefits of both.
097 | 01/08/20
Develop vision from God regarding your relationships, decisions, and moments in order to focus on what's important in life.
096 | 01/02/20
Lay Down Your Life
Trust God to empower you to love everyone who crosses your path. Then know that he will bring good from it.
095 | 12/25/19
Worship the Right God
Get to know who the one and only God is, then worship him.
094 | 12/16/19
Walk with Purpose
Consider the chorus of truth that sings in the breeze of man and leaves and their gold.
093 | 12/01/19
Enter In
You can enter God’s presence through faith in Jesus and joyfully give back all you are and all you have in humble adoration.
092 | 11/28/19
Do What’s Right
Seek justice and extend mercy while humbly relying on God.
091 | 11/08/19
Hope in God
Give what concerns you to God so he can redeem and transform it and you.
090 | 10/31/19
Realize You Are Special
Although you don't deserve it God uses his power, wisdom, and love to save, govern, protect, and care for you because you are dear to his heart.
089 | 10/24/19
Base Your Life on Truth
Live in alignment with reality so you enjoy a quality life and can best benefit others.
088 | 10/19/19
Be Willing
Do worthwhile things even when you don’t feel like it.
087 | 09/19/19
Don’t Give Up–Give In and Give Out
Depend on Jesus, He understands and will accompany you through difficulty.
086 | 09/02/19
Find Help in God
Your help comes from the Lord, maker of heaven and earth.
085 | 08/15/19
Consider Each Day a Gift
How can you be a blessing to others for God's glory?
084 | 08/05/19
Reflect Goodness and Beauty
When people encounter you may they be better off in some way because of the light, joy, truth, and love of God shining through you.
083 | 07/27/19
Simply Care
Life's simple gifts are wrapped in love.
082 | 07/16/19
Live by Faith as Strong Families Do
Living prayerfully and faithfully is loving, trusting, and obeying Jesus.
081 | 07/02/19
Be Content in God
You have a reliable heavenly Father in whom you can trust, hope, and rest.
080 | 06/16/19
Prepare for Life
Studying the Bible will improve your life. Here's one way.
079 | 06/08/19
Meditate on God
Remembering should draw you closer to Jesus, for he is the one who encompasses all of God's character, works, and words.
078 | 05/26/19
Value Testing
It's good to test yourself. Never be afraid to do hard things, especially ones which will move you closer to God.
077 | 04/16/19
Work as God Works
You live out your belief in Jesus by following the example of how he works.
076 | 03/10/19
Walk This Way
Walk with Jesus in love, in light, and in wisdom.
075 | 02/26/19
Become Stronger in Love
God accepts you the way you are, but he loves you too much to leave you that way.
074 | 02/14/19
Plunge into the River
Respond to God's grace as he seeks you, saves you, and replaces your life with his.
073 | 02/02/19
Find God Faithful in Choppy Waters
Fight opposing forces to draw near to God. He is trying to prepare you for what is to come.
072 | 01/09/19
Hold the Hand that Holds the World
God is calling you to an abundant life through Jesus.
071 | 12/24/18
Discover the Value of the Wilderness
In the wilderness God breaks you, guides you, and builds you up reliant on him for what he has next.
070 | 12/16/18
Offer Your Best
Thankfully use your bountiful blessings to bless others.
069 | 11/22/18
Move Beyond Head Knowledge
God lovingly strips away at your life so you become free to find joy and fulfillment in him first.
068 | 11/13/18
Persevere in self-abandonment versus self-fulfillment as you trust and obey God.
067 | 10/27/18
See the Forest from the Trees
When you behold Jesus for how awesome he is you become the best he designed you to be.
066 | 10/16/18
Accept that Angels Still Fly
God knows you, loves you, and is able and willing to restore what you ruin.
065 | 08/21/18
Taste and See
Seek the Lord and he will answer you and deliver you from all your fears.
064 | 07/16/18
Forge Ahead
Be strong and courageous. Do not lose heart. Follow God and he will be with you.
063 | 06/28/18
Love the Unloving
Encourage others by treating them the way you want to be treated.
062 | 06/05/18
Build on the Past for a Brighter Future
Give God your past and your future and he will transform them for your best.
061 | 05/25/18
Venture in Love
Loving God and loving others is your greatest adventure.
060 | 05/12/18
Give Your Utmost for His Highest
Find your greatest pleasure in pleasing God.
059 | 04/26/18
Give More, Take Less
Life is short. Spend more time on others and less on yourself.
058 | 04/07/18
Recognize You Have Nothing Without Him
Jesus died and rose again to save you. He offers true life now and forever.
057 | 03/31/18
Embrace Opportunities
See with God's eyes, speak with his words, move with his heart.
056 | 03/24/18
Follow God’s Lead
Despite any unknowns, answer God's call and follow the road he lays out for you.
055 | 03/17/18
Look Up
When blesses you with a broader perspective when you follow him farther in and higher up.
054 | 03/09/18
Make the Most of Opportunities
Embrace good, shun evil, live for God and others.
053 | 02/21/18
Soar on Wings Like Eagles
Hope in God who has given you wings to soar, the strength to fly, and the wind to carry you.
052 | 02/04/18
Look to God to Make Life Better
By God's grace treat others with equality, empathy, honor, and love.
051 | 01/15/18
Come in from the Cold
From the dead of winter to new life in spring God has shared his will and his way for you in Jesus.
050 | 1/14/18
Be Open to New Beginnings
You might be the only light of Jesus that people see. Shine brilliantly.
049 | 12/31/17
Build on the Rock
A poem for new parents at Christmas.
048 | 12/19/17
Prepare for the Savior
Live and love as Jesus did on earth while you expect his return.
047 | 12/03/17
Give as God Gives
Give of yourself and God will replace it with himself and multiply it to others.
046 | 11/26/17
Don’t Pause
Trust Jesus to love, lead, provide, and protect in every part of your life.
045 | 11/10/17
Learn to Love
You experience God's love the most when you share it with others.
044 | 10/01/17
Take God’s Hand
As almighty, all-sufficient God saved Israel, he can save you through Jesus.
043 | 09/12/17
Take Time to Grow
What you do with time determines the quality of your life, the welfare of others, and your destiny.
042 | 08/27/17
Choose Jesus
What will you do with the truth you know about Jesus?
041 | 08/13/17
Give Up Everything to Gain Life’s Treasure
You can love and know God through Jesus by faith.
040 | 08/04/17
Learn from Trials
God uses difficulty to awaken, befriend, and equip you, as well as, enable you to empathize.
039 | 08/02/17
Rely on God in Prayer
God honors those who come before him in humble faith.
038 | 07/29/17
Rejoice in the Middle
Leave the past with God. Hope in the future God holds. Find joy in the present.
037 | 07/20/17
Be Assured
Even though you have made mistakes, God can still redeem you and bring victory in your circumstances.
036 | 07/12/17
Fly Sure
Be open, available, teachable. Rely on God to let his power work through your weakness.
035 | 07/06/17
Pursue Life, Liberty, and Happiness in God
God has great things in store for those who love him.
034 | 07/04/17
Know That God Is Able
God is loving and powerful enough to take care of you.
033 | 07/01/17
Let God Drive
With God at the wheel you experience the greatest ride and reach the most awesome destination.
032 | 06/30/17
Turn to God When Problems Rise
Find the answer to your problem through faith in God.
031 | 06/23/17
Thank Your Father
The best of your days you will find with your Heavenly Father.
030 | 06/18/17
Steady Your Heart
In times of transition, uncertainty, or pain find solace in God.
029 | 06/10/17
Make the Most of Your Future
Be proud in God for all he has enabled you to do.
028 | 05/19/17
Work for Others
God uses humble, obedient people who depend on him to have a great impact on others.
027 | 05/17/17
Be Strengthened
God is always working to strengthen those who turn to him.
026 | 05/07/17
Decide Wisely
Put God first and let him guide your choices and satisfy your needs.
025 | 05/04/17
Weed Away Worry
Pray and let the words of God transform your thinking.
024 | 04/20/17
Guard Your Heart
Become a worthy friend by befriending God first.
023 | 04/04/17
Find Pleasure in the Process II
May God make you worthy of his calling.
022 | 03/30/17
Find Pleasure in the Process
God wants to train you to be with him, to be like him, and to do what he does.
021 | 03/29/17
Intentionally Appreciate
Thank God for blessing you with himself and with other people.
020 | 03/19/17
Let God Work Through You
God uses ordinary people who believe in him to share in his extraordinary task of saving others.
019 | 03/17/17
Ride the Wind
Feel God's wind beneath your wings as you fly through windows of opportunity.
018 | 03/15/17
Discover Deeper Meaning
God, the Grand Designer, embeds insights for us to learn in our everyday routine and interactions.
017 | 03/14/17
Reign Over Rain
In all the difficulties of life you can be more than a conqueror in Jesus.
016 | 03/05/17
Be Loved and Love
Love with a deep, rich, strong, enduring, and selfless love from God which is rooted in who you and others are.
015 | 03/01/17
Venture Higher Up and Farther In
God is always calling you to something better through him.
014 | 02/25/17
Recognize the Struggle
The voice you listen to and live by will determine your relationships, your life, and your destiny.
013 | 02/22/17
Truly See
Recognizing value in relationships or circumstances and then applying that truth to affects the core of your being.
012 | 02/03/17
Learn to See
Look differently to observe what others miss.
011 | 01/16/17
Rise to the Mountaintop
Empathize with people in need and follow God's lead to help.
010 | 01/15/17
Feed Your Sense of Wonder
Approach your day willing to be wowed by simple and profound beauty and design.
009 | 01/13/17
Shine for God and Others
Hold firmly to the God's words for they bring light and life.
008 | 12/23/16
Set Your Mind to Grow
Do not lose heart at mistakes and challenges when you are trying to do the right thing. Remain faithful, available, and teachable.
007 | 12/04/16
Make Jesus Preeminent
There is no greater pursuit than to love God and share his love with others.
006 | 11/28/16
Give Thanks
Make a practice of reflecting on all you are grateful for and thanking God.
005 | 11/17/16
Don’t Let Feedback Defeat You
Accept constructive criticism. Allow minimizing comments to have minimal impact.
004 | 11/03/16
Make God Your Greatest Relationship
Who you hang out with and what you do should be moving you closer to God and not farther.
003 | 10/20/16
Seek to Bring Out the Best in Others
Learn from those who build others up.
002 | 09/06/16
Give More Than You Take
Life is made of relationships, moments, and decisions. Give to make the most of each.
001 | 06/11/16